Aug 3, 2012

Currently I Am, Lately I've Been

Wowza, I went over a month without a Currently post. I'm sure you definitely noticed and were on the edge of your seat waiting for one.. right? Yes.

Uhm, banana.
Listening to: I haven't listened to much other than the music from the show I'm doing for a few weeks now. I don't think I've even turned music on in my car since I started rehearsals. I use driving time to focus on the songs that I perform. Now that we've finished tech week and are opening tonight, I almost constantly have some song from the show in my head, and it's not usually any of my songs! I'll get back to normal music after closing night.

Oh, you know. 
Eating: I'm still trying to eat delicious salads as much as possible, but with the past couple weeks being a little hectic, I'm grabbing what I can. I've managed to eat pretty healthily most of the time, so there's that. But while in Seattle last weekend we had the most amazing salmon crostini at SPUR gastropub. It came with a heavy smear of the most delicious mascarpone, a generous chunk of the freshest raw salmon I've ever had, and was topped with a few pickled shallots and fried, crunchy capers. We had a few other small dishes, but the other one worth mentioning are the pork belly sliders. They were so flavorful, and so fatty, but in the best melt-in-your-mouth way. I want to go back.

Watching: Not much. Once again, my hectic rehearsal schedule as of late has kept me away from evening television.

Loving: All of the Special Friend Time we've had during the last month or so.

There's a story behind this that doesn't fit in a caption.
Alexis, ridin' fancy on a Sunday Funday

Anticipating: The busy weekends ahead! I have the show this weekend and next, then possibly a weekend with nothing planned, followed by Ohio for my big brother's wedding. The following weekend is a Vegas trip for my brother-in-law's fiance's bachelorette party. THEN a concert, Dave Matthews Band... a weekend with no plans (yet)... then another concert. Then Mike and Renata's wedding (aforementioned brother-in-law and fiance). Then my birthday weekend, whatever that will involve followed by three weekends of the NEXT show I'm doing. Ladies and gentleman, this brings us to the end of October. Holy crap. Looks like November's free if anyone wants to get together...

Thankful for: Beer.

Lagunitas, from yesterday. It was IPA Day.

Fremont Summer Ale, in Seattle
Totes not a beer snob. This is the shadow of my Bud Light.

I nabbed this "Currently" idea from Sometimes Sweet.

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