Aug 10, 2012


... or barf. Or both. Here's to hoping this license plate frame is predicting my future.
Jamie and I tend to be a little resistant, communicatively, in our relationship. It's not something we do on purpose, and it's definitely something that we're aware of and have discussed. We've acknowledged that it is something we both need to work on to keep our marriage running as smoothly as possible. Because of this, we tend to have a biannual State of the Union blowout full of emotion, tears, yelling, confusion, hugs and honesty. As much as I wish we communicated enough to prevent this, we just don't. We make a point, every time, to make an effort to keep each other up to speed on important issues with ourselves and each other, but it gets overwhelming and we fall back into place. As much as I do not enjoy this, I'm grateful that we, at the least, are adults about it. We don't let ourselves get petty and try our hardest to not only hear, but listen to each other. Often, we make good progress and figure some stuff out in the end.

This time, one of our important decisions that we agreed upon was finally taking the next step in our fertility treatments. After all of our testing, we decided to kind of take a "moment" and enjoy a little more of our time as a kid-less couple. While we are thoroughly enjoying it, we often find ourselves out and pointing out babies to each other. More specifically, little baby girls with big flower headbands. Jamie's been ready to start a family, obviously, since we've been trying for three years, but now I think he's finally caught up to me with the Baby Fever.
An example of baby fever mixed with enjoying kidlessness. (Selma's and Casa are our local watering holes.)
So we're taking the next step! I called up the fertility clinic to figure out what's next. When I start my next period in a few weeks, I'll call the office and they'll have me come in for an ultrasound and start me on Clomid to jump start ovulation. Thanks to my dad for passing down his hereditary blood clotting disorder, I'll also be taking shots of Lovenox, an anticoagulant, to prevent any potential disasters. Unfortunately, Lovenox is an injectable medication that I'll have to give myself. Yikes.

We're feeling ready to go! Really ready. Wish us luck!

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  1. Cheering you guys on big time!! And praying for a baby miracle. Much love to you guys.