Aug 13, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

This has been swirling through the blogging community lately, and I thought Hey, why not? so let's get to it. Granted, most of you who read this probably already know most of what I'm going to say, but let's pretend I have a whole community of mystery readers that don't already know me. But I think I may do this differently and dial back the DeLorean to high school, then maybe in the future (heh) I'll do another, more recent "If you really knew me" post. Ready? Go.

If you really knew me in high school, you'd know:

  • that I got my first tattoo when I was 16, the summer before my senior year.
  • that I was pretty butch in high school! Yikes. No regrets!
  • that I did a lot of my shopping either in the thrift stores or the boys shorts sections at the mall stores.
Saxophone threats.
  • that I was active in theater, marching band, concert/symphonic band, choir and show choir. JAZZ HANDS!
  • that hair dye was my inanimate best friend. Green hair for the choir Christmas concert? Sho'nuff.
  • that I got in trouble with our principal for my homecoming dress because it showed my midriff. 
  • that I was a terrible student in most of my Gen Ed classes. The only time I did well was if I was actually interested in what we were working on. 
  • that I only took French class because they went on trips to Canada and France and Spanish class went nowhere. 
This was freshman day at Band Camp. Band Camp is nothing like you think it is. I'm wearing terrible shorts.
  • that I played the mellophone in marching and pep band. It was so fun.
  • that I played the french horn for concert and symphonic band, and it was so hard. I was not fantastic on the french horn.
  • that my 1994 Ford Aspire was a hatchback named Margaret, but had 4 doors, not two, and had a broken gas gauge. 
My hair looks like an egg. Why did I think it looked so cool?
  • that my freshman homecoming dance was really awkward, if you couldn't tell from the photo. 
  • that my freshman homecoming date chewed gum in my ear and must've had a banana in his pocket when we danced.
  • that during our Bush/Gore mock election, I made a shirt for the campaign and spelled Lieberman wrong. Sharpies don't have spell-check.
  • that I worked at a party venue with a handful of friends getting paid under the table for various jobs such as coat check, dishwasher, server, busser, soup-to-lap depositor. Oops. That was on my first night. 
  • that I later worked at Domino's Pizza with a couple friends, which sucked and was fun. 
  • that half of my friends were from our rival high school in the town next to us. The aforementioned homecoming date and my senior prom date were both from that school.
  • that my homecoming date was my only boyfriend in high school, and he wasn't even really a boyfriend. 
  • that I broke up with said "boyfriend" via a letter in the mail. YES. 
  • that I looked into studying theater in Chicago after graduation, but then decided against it.

I made some pretty spectacular memories in high school. I'd never want to be a teenager again, but I do miss the times when the most important thing in my life were my friends and what we were going to do after school or the upcoming weekend. I wish I could think of more fun facts from back in the day, but my time machine is spent. 

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