Oct 11, 2012

Sometimes We Shoot Guns

I haven't really been able to make time to post regularly here as of late. I've been in tech/dress rehearsals since last Thursday, so I've been sleeping later on the days that I didn't have appointments in the morning, which weren't too many. I had appointments on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, all of which were uncomfortably early.

Even with being so busy with appointments, a little bit of work and rehearsals, we managed to squeeze some fun in on Sunday. We went shooting! Jamie picked up shooting sporting clays as a new hobby, and he loves to take anyone who's willing to go. I've gone a few times. In the beginning, it was fun, but not something that I'd miss if I never did it again, but now I'm getting a little better at it and am starting to enjoy it more. On Sunday, we took our friends Ella and Chris out shooting with us. It was Ella's first time shooting, so Jamie showed her the ropes.

Jamie, breaking clays like a boss.
I imagine there is 3 feet of broken clays under that water.

I shot with a smaller gun; a 20 gauge rather than using Jamie's 12 gauge. It's lighter and has less kick, which meant I didn't fatigue as quickly and aiming proved easier. Look below! You can see me miss two, then hit two. Aw yeah.

After shooting, Ella and I pretty much headed straight to our long Sunday night rehearsal. While rehearsal may have been easier on us had we had a lazy Sunday, I would say the fun we had shooting was worth the long, dragging evening.

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