Feb 26, 2013

A Few Things

The scatter-brained post that is to follow this short message was induced by my not being able to muster up the energy to create dedicated posts for each of these thoughts. So there.

Eat Drink Be A Tourist - Tourist Tuesday

I have a guest post up at Eat Drink Be a Tourist today. Kelsey hosts Tourist Tuesday where her sponsors and buddies write up about their favorite spots. I chose San Diego. If you know me and Jamie, or if you've been here a while, you probably could have predicted that. (If you're stopping by from Kelsey's blog, well, firstly, HELLO and secondly, you can get to know me here and here!)


Shooting Sporting Clays

Jamie and I went shooting on Sunday. We didn't pick the best day to go as it was super windy. Like, 60 MPH gusts windy. This caused me to only hit two clays instead of my usual, well, six. To give you an idea of how well I shoot, this was out of about 70.

Tumbleweeds and Mountains
It was so windy that the tumbleweeds were piling up.

Even though I'm not good at shooting and it leaves me sore for a few days afterward, it's still kinda fun.


Failed Mall Bangs
My 11 year old attempt at mall bangs. Nailed it. (P.S. This photo is irrelevant.)

I'm eagerly anticipating our consultation with our new fertility doctor. The appointment is on the 4th, which seems light years away at this point; after four years of trying, we're ready for a baby now, so even waiting a little bit to get started on treatment just feels like...


We're going to New York City!

Cleveland Skyline at Dusk
Oh wait, this is Cleveland.

I have never been to New York City. Jamie and I had the opportunity extend a trip to his cousin's wedding into an anniversary trip of sorts to NYC back in October when it was our 5 and 10 year anniversary. (That's married years and total years, which I now realize I never wrote about.) BUT. But, I was in a local show that I've done for seven years straight now (which I also never really wrote about, weird) and the show dates were all in October, so I couldn't get the time. Well, that's only kind of true. I could have had the time if I just didn't do the show, but that's a whole other story for another time. Anyway.

We now have a wedding April up in Rochester, so Jamie and I decided to take advantage of that and finally book our trip to NYC. Just about everything is booked; I'm really excited. There will be more details to come, I'm sure.


There is no spoon five.

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