Mar 15, 2013

Fitness Friday

This week has been tricky. Kind of. Since signing up at CUT, I've stopped taking Sunday off and also doubled up on my workouts on Monday and Tuesday in order to kick my own but into winning my DietBet. Well, it worked... but then also I think my scale went a little wacko. The pictures below show my weigh in for the first DietBet, my weight in for the second DietBet, and on the right is my weightout for the first DietBet.

My scale decided to weigh me out at 143, yet when the scale was back by the tub where it usually is, I was of a more acceptable and realistic-seeming weight. However, I still used this weight for my weight out since I had the scale in the same exact spot for my other two weigh ins, so I just went with that... but now, superstrangely, I'm weighing the same with the scale in either spot. This makes me wish I had one of those big manual scales.

Anyway, after reaching my DietBet goal (I won $39.16!), and feeling good about having doubled my workouts on Monday and Tuesday, I doubled up again on Wednesday for an hour spin class followed by an hour of Zumba. I had planned on Thursday being a one-class kind of day, but then this happened Wednesday night:

Hello, impromptu cheat dinner!

And then also this:

Oh yes we did.

Yes I ate the whole burger. No, I didn't eat the whole dessert. Jamie and I couldn't even finish it between the two of us. Let me tell you why I allowed this...

Once upon a time there was a restaurant called Beachfire that lived a block away from our house. Jamie and I spent a lot of time and money there. (Without Beachfire, we never would have become friends with Jarrod and Kaitlyn!) We loved their food; the burger being my favorite. The dessert show above, the After Dinner Mint, was just.. oh my god. I do know how to eat healthy there, and often times I opted for a salad with grilled salmon. But then, one day in March of last year, our beloved Beachfire closed.

Now, Beachfire still has a location about 20 minutes away from us, which we decided to visit on Wednesday night. Yes, I could have eaten a much healthier meal, but you know what? I haven't had a full-on cheat day in a long time, so I decided to go all out. After all, I did make my weigh in goal and I am in the middle of one bitch of an Aunt Flo visit... so I went for it. Let me tell you, it was so delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Ten minutes later, however, I felt like crap. Not mentally, though. I did not and still do not regret my majorly caloric dinner, but I felt really not-good, physically. As odd as it is to say, I'll take that as a victory. This means that my body is now used to eating healthfully and appreciates nutrition, and I have to listen to it if I want to keep from feeling that gross ever again. This isn't to say that I won't do this again, but it definitely won't be very often. It does make for a good reminder as to why I prefer to make the food choices that I do, though.

So back to Thursday. (Remember when I was about to tell you about Thursday but then went on a major tangent?) Thursday was going to be a one-class day until my cheat, so on Wednesday night I scheduled myself for a spin/pilates class to follow the spin/body pump class that I had previously scheduled.

The problem with having been doubling up on work outs is that now I'm starting to feel like one workout isn't enough. I know that it is, but I kind of like doing two work outs. The problem with that is that it takes too much time out of my morning, and it has caused me to slack on the things I need to do at home, with work, and this blog. So today, I shook my booty at Zumba for an hour... then I considered staying for an hour of Body Pump, but then went home instead.

When I got home, I noticed that I received a couple Paypal payments that I was expecting, so I treated myself. This treat isn't a cheat, or shoes, or a mani-pedi (though I have my eyes on some really epic wedges on Poshmark). No, I bought something to help me monitor my progress and motivate me to push harder.

Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor from

I've been seeing these all over Instagram from fitness people that I follow for a long time, so I finally took some time this week to research HRMs and find the best one for me. I ordered it today, and it will be here on Monday! I'm really excited to start using it to see how many calories I'm actually burning rather than kind of guessing based on what the internet thinks I burn during, say, 30 minutes of spin. I'm sure I'll be following up on this in next week's post.

As for this week's numbers, there's no change from last week. While I did reach my goal for the DietBet on Wednesday, I'm hanging onto some severe bloat and water weight from this wretched period which has caused me to bounce back up to last week's weight and measurements.

My goal for this weekend is to keep my eating in check and to try not to drink too much green beer (or more likely, just beer in general). This will be difficult, but I'll do my best.

Iffin' y'wanna follow my fitness&healthy-eating Instagram, my username is @fitgosam

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  1. You are looking fabulous!! You deserved that burger big time! Look delicious!