Sep 6, 2013

Camden's First Day on the Outside

Yesterday was very exciting.

I got out of my workout class and noticed I had two missed calls: one from Jamie and one from my sister-in-law Renata, three minutes apart. I was a little suspicious because Renata and I usually just text, but she didn't leave a voicemail. Jamie did, and it set the tone for the rest of the day.

Two weeks before her due date (and with an induction scheduled for September 23rd), Renata went in for her weekly check up with complaints of a little bit of cramping and spotting only to find out that she was dilated 5 centimeters! Her doctor told her to head to the hospital.

Having only just started washing the baby bedding and clothes that morning, she called me to help out. She considered staying home to finish the two loads, but wanted to make sure she didn't miss her window for the epidural! I spent the afternoon finishing her baby laundry and packing up the baby bag.

Would it be weird for a non-mom to use Dreft? Because that shiz smells so good.

During this time, I kept an eager eye on my phone. Jamie's brother Mike, the dad-to-be, kept both his and Renata's family updated via group text. We had a pretty good play-by-play throughout the afternoon up until delivery time, which was only about a half hour after the epidural.

At 3pm, only five hours after I received those two missed calls, we received the text that the first Ellison grandbaby was here! Our new nephew, Camden Michael. We finally got to see him a few hours later after they were settled and everyone had cleaned up. He's just beautiful and I think it's safe to say that we all fell in love with him instantly.

Let the photodumping commence.

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  1. Awww, Camden is adorable! And no, using Dreft wouldn't be weird at all :) I miss that stuff!