Sep 4, 2013

The Return of So What

I'm linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew again for So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

First of all, SO WHAT if it's been nearly four months since I last put up a So What post? Misty put up her very first SWW and it motivated me to hop back on that train. Now, where to start...?

So what!
if I shattered my phone two weeks ago, taped it up with blue painter's tape and have yet to get it fixed OR even put a case on it.

So what!
if I Photoshopped a beard on my new nephew.

So what!
if I don't want The Neighbs to move and posted this alteration to their for sale sign on the internets.
So what!
if they're still staying in our same town. We were supposed to be neighbors forever.


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