Jan 12, 2016

We. Are. So. Close.

The cleanest part of the house after hosting a grown-up NYE Pajama Party.

How is it that we are already in the beginning of the second half of the second decade of the new millennium? How long until the "new millennium" isn't new anymore? Are we there, yet? 

I started this blog nearly 4 years ago when we first were ready to get serious with the fertility treatments. By then, we were already more than a couple years into trying to start a family, but hadn't started any treatments yet. We received our first bill for said treatments and suffered from a bit of sticker shock.

"Our new adventure just screeched to a halt. I was disappointed, but looking at it in a clear light. If the cost of this is overwhelming us, what will happen when the numbers roll in during and after having a baby? Are we ready for those costs? We knew we were ready to be parents, but we hadn't looked hard at the finances.

We sat on that thought for a while.

Then, we decided it would be worth it to at least move through the rest of the initial tests and procedures. If it can help us to know if we can have a baby ourselves or allow us to decide that adoption is a better choice, then it's worth it."

We did exactly that. Fertility treatments weren't for me and in December of 2013, we chose adoption. We were signed up with an adoption facilitator in July 2014, we finished our home study in January 2015, then finally, in August 2015, we were matched with an expectant mother. Fortunately and unfortunately, for different reasons, she was early on in her pregnancy. But now, a long and short five months later, she hasn't changed her mind and she's due some time between now and the end of the month.

It hasn't been an easy five months, but we've had a lot of support from those who love us. Between our AdoptTogether fundraising page and the most incredible fundraising party/silent auction that our good friends so graciously hosted for us, we've surpassed our goal which will help immensely with the cost of this adoption.

The star of our Cuban-themed fundraising party.

But guys, we are in the home stretch. I feel fortunate that we've been matched with someone who is close enough to where we live that I get to take her to her doctor's appointments, so we've been able to be involved in the pregnancy. She wants us in the room for labor and delivery and wants the baby to go directly to me. She's all-in, which has allowed me to get more comfortable with preparing for her arrival.

In my initial research before we were ever matched, many adoptive parents warned against buying more than just some necessities and gender-neutral items, against having a shower and decorating a nursery before baby comes home. I was all aboard that train. Even after we were matched and found out she was having a girl, I wanted to stick to neutral. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have a shower or a "welcome baby" party after we brought her home. It was all in mind for a just-in-case; just in case she changes her mind, we'd then not have all of these specific things and reminders, etc. But, as time passed we felt more and more assured by our match and eventually I succumbed to all things specific. We've bought clothes, had a shower, and I'm almost done with the nursery.

So now we wait and I continue to nest. The hospital bags are mostly packed and the car seat is in the car. We're ready for the call!

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