Sep 5, 2012


I spent Labor Day weekend in Vegas! To be completely honest, I was only about half looking forward to it. I had only been to Las Vegas once before, and while it was a mellow trip, I wasn't quite sold on the place. I'm not a club person. I like bars with bands and beer. I also have always been an old person in the way that I like to start my night before midnight. (Actually, I prefer to start my night before 8:30. If I have to wait around to go out, good luck getting me off the couch or preventing me from changing into my PJs.)

So, anyway, we were there for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Renata's bachelorette party. The weekend consisted mostly of penis-related things (like this inappropriate photo I posted to Instagram), sitting around in our PJ's eating candy, going to the pool, and eating dinner after my bedtime.

I have magic in my feet. (First night was mellow.)
Sara, my already-is-sister-in-law, and me. I'm still not sure if my high-waisted skirt was a good idea or not.
If I can flash back to sitting in the airport on our way to Vegas for a minute, I will. I was flipping through Facebook on my phone when I find out that my friends Jon and Amanda (mentioned THIS post last month), who had moved back across the country last year or so, were in Vegas! I was so stoked about this, so we immediately figured out the best time to meet. So after the pool on Saturday, Sara and I took the photo above then headed out to find them.

We found them!
It was so fun catching up over lunch. It's a good sign of friendship when you can pick up where you left off like it hadn't been forever and ever ago that you last saw them. I'm so glad that they happened to be there and that we were able to get together. Jamie was really jealous that he couldn't be there for it.

That evening, I kind of napped in anticipation of the night ahead, but it wasn't the good solid sleep that I would have liked. We all squeezed into our tiny dresses, strapped on our giant shoes (I wore these!) and were on our way to XS at Encore. One of the girls with us "knew a guy", so we were shuffled in without paying the cover and were stamped to the max.

Sara: "XS must stand for excessive stamping."
I'm not usually stoked on the club scene. I'm anxious; we all know this. Luckily, I think I had already powered through two or three drinks while getting ready, so I was feeling... let's say... relaxed. Enough so that when the club really got crowded, I recognized that on a normal day, I'd be panicking as I was squished between the wall and strangers, but it wasn't bothering me. I danced a bit and had fun! I also drank miniature $14 drinks and a sugary $12 shot.

"$12 f'n bucks?! Hmm... carpe diem!" (I refuse to say YOLO, but recognize that "carpe diem doesn't sound nearly as cool. Old folks are stubborn.)
Sunday was spent mostly at the pool. We saw a kid who looked just like Blanket, ordered a pitcher of pomegranate margarita, saw a wiener, and talked to some Canadians. Well, the wiener belonged to one of the Canadians.

I censored this with the Space Paint app, which is also what I used in the inappropriate photo I linked to above.
This guy tossed his shorts off the balcony and let it all hang out as they drifted gracefully to the ground. Security weren't as entertained by this as we were, but the Canadians came down in search of their shorts and the security dudes didn't even realize that they were the guys they were looking for.

We ended up hanging out with them for probably an hour or so at the pool. Unlike what you tend to expect from dudes in these situations, they were nice and respectful, funny and weren't laying it on thick trying to pick us up. (I buddied up with the wiener shaking Canadian on Instagram, so if you want to see his lily-white, click here! ha!)

That evening was a casual, over-priced dinner at a Mexican restaurant followed by more PJs, candy and girl-talk. Monday morning it was off to the airport for airport breakfast and a short flight back home to Orange County.

This experience was pretty fun. It wasn't super all-out, crazy-time fun, but it still kind of felt like a last hurrah for me since we've gone full swing into fertility treatments. I have a feeling that the next time I go to Vegas, it will be to eat early dinners, see shows and probably do touristy things. Though I wouldn't be opposed to witnessing more crazy Canadians.

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