Oct 25, 2012


Jamie has become a pretty good card-giver as of late. His ovulation kudos in kitten form was really great, but he bested himself with this birthday gem.

The card starts:
"The candles say you're ninety..." 
Then Jamie added
"BS you didn't put 90 candles on something." 
Then he writes:
"Really American Greeting? You make a card for a 90 year old... 90 YEARS! And you some how mess it up by gluing the wrong side down. They will already have a hard enough time reading the print let alone your disaster pasting skills that could have been successfully done by any preschooler.
Anyway babe, I love you and maybe someday I can actually give you a "90" birthday card. It will probably be done on your 88th b-day since by that age I'm sure I'll lose a little of my counting skills. And I can pretty much guarantee there won't be much writing on it. Probably just some kind of futuristic e-card that you'll read from your super fancy Google/Apple glasses.
Remember when you were a kid and when you created a greeting card you would always sign the back of it with a "made by Sam" or if you were like me you would just put a crown and write "Hallmark".
I should have bought a Hallmark card. Why does Canada still pay more than the US?! The CA dollar is totally worth more!"
I just thought I'd share.

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