Jan 14, 2013

Fitness Monday Doesn't Have The Same Ring

Working out then getting my protein from a couple extra large eggs and a slice of turkey bacon.

I didn't really want to do another fitness post today, but after my workout, I felt compelled.

Today was my first day at the gym after letting my contract with the Pilates studio run out on Saturday. I have to admit that I was left feeling a little lost yesterday; I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a good workout in without an instructor there, kicking my ace. I was also concerned with motivation. I was convinced that not having an appointment and not having any other repercussions other than my own disappointment would lead to my not going to the gym. Luckily, that was not the case, and I woke up feeling really motivated and ready to check out the new LA Fitness.

I hopped on the elliptical and started up a classic rock workout station on Songza. After an Elton John song and two subsequent and equally lame workout songs that followed, I ended up listening to an old school metal station for most of my workout until Songza had a brain fart and started playing some really weird shit. Anyway, I don't usually listen to metal, but I like it on occasion and it made me want to work hard, so I'll take it.

After my warm up I moved over to the treadmill mostly to escape the glaring sun that was beating down on my back through the big windows of the gym. It was so hot on those machines that I really needed to move to the shade, and the treadmills were shady, so there I went.

I did two rounds on the treadmill. First, I decided to see how well I could run. I'm not a runner and I mostly hate running, but I wanted to kind of see how I've improved, cardiovascularly, since spending most of my days Spinning. I have to say, I don't think I did too badly. I finished a mile in under 12 minutes (like I just said, not a runner, yo) with my max speed at 7 mph. After I cooled down from that, I did 15 minutes at 3.5 mph, increasing the incline by 2.5 every 2 minutes until I reached the full 10 incline for 2 minutes. Then I worked my way back down the same way. After that, it was back to the elliptical to knock out 30 minutes and 250 calories.

After all of that, I burned 600 calories in 70 minutes of cardio. I didn't do any strength, but I think in order to get a kick start on losing some poundage, I'm going to focus on cardio for the next couple of weeks. I've done a lot of strength with the Pilates studio over the past 7 months that I feel I've gotten strong enough to take a break from it for now and focus on really burning some calories. Though, this may change. Who knows. I just felt really really good after today and want to keep working on my endurance!

I'll be going to the gym for the next two weeks, then I will be leaving for Ohio for my mom's surgery. I'm still not really sure what I'll do for exercise during the two weeks that I'll be in Ohio. My past experiences have been that a long-ish trip ends with my falling off the fitness wagon and gaining all of my weight back, so it's important that I find a way to continue on while I'm there, I just don't know how that will be yet.

So wish me luck in keeping motivated and I'll do the same for you if you're also trying to fitnesscize yourself.


  1. Good for you! You could always bring some workout DVD's when you go away. I LOVE the 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels...only 20 min a workout!

  2. Kristen SeuberlingJanuary 14, 2013 at 3:39 PM

    Sounds like a pretty intense workout to me! Congratulations on all of the hard work and self motivation

  3. That's a good idea. Now I need work out DVDs... Haha!