Mar 26, 2013

Whoa, One Year

If you're an avid blog-reader, you've probably noticed that bloggers refer to their whole blog-world as The Blogosphere. In this blogosphere, there's a term for what today is for my blog. No, it's not the anniversary of my blog, but it's my blogiversary! Isn't that exciting?

Yes, one year ago today was the day that I decided to start blogging. Yes, one year ago today was the day that I became what can never not sound pretentious: a blogger. (Oh, I have a blog. Have you read it? I posted a link to it on Facebook. Did you see it? Yeah? But you didn't read it? Hmph. I guess I'll just tell you what I wrote about...) I'm actually a little impressed with myself in that I've stuck to writing regularly for a year now. While lately it's been more sparse, my posts are no more infrequent than once a week, so I'd say that suffices for "regular".

So what's happened in the last year? Well, we went through a lot of fertility testing and treatments. (You can work backwards from the bottom of THIS page if you want to read up on all of that.) Then, there was that time when our dog, Chuck, decided to jump out a second story window. And then there was that other time when he decided to do it again. And because that just wasn't crazy enough, he just completely lost his shit another day. (It's safe to say that he's been much more sane since we started keeping him in his crate when we're not home.)

Yeah dude. When you jump out of windows and cut your knee, you have to wear an effin cone.

We hosted a couple cool ping pong parties in the past year! We had Cosmic Ping Pong back in April where we played ping pong in the black light and drew on ourselves with glowy stuffs.

Then, unable to wait til April for another ping pong party, I decided on a holiday party: Ping Pong in a Winter Wonderland!

I went on some trips! Some were near, some were far.

I went to Vegas with some ladies for my now-sister-in-law's bachelorette party where we saw a Canadian wiener. We went to Ohio in August for my brother's wedding, which apparently I never blogged about, because I can't find a post about it. (Sorry Jason!) I visited Jamie in Seattle for a weekend when he was up there for a conference. It was fun until I got sick. We'll have to go back. I also just realized I never wrote about my birthday, which was technically spent getting inseminated, but was officially spent in LA when Jamie got me tickets to see Book of Mormon.

We've also taken numerous trips to San Diego, one of which was with our friends John and Lisl to see Dave Matthews Band.

Jamie and I went to another concert as well, KROQ's Epicenter festival. We got to see some sweet 90s bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, and Bush. But more importantly, I touched Gavin Rossdale.

I dusted off my script-memorizational skillz when I was cast in Ruthless over the summer. (I hadn't done a show with lines in 5 or so years.) Then in October, my ma came to visit to see me in an annual show that I've participated in for the last 7 years, Lagunatics. Apparently I never really wrote about that, but whatevs, right?

I definitely wrote a lot about my dad. If you're looking to read some of my more thoughtfully written stuff, I recommend reading those. While this blog was meant to be and has been a place to vent about my infertility, I think it became most therapeutic when it came to grieving my dad's death two years ago.

And of course, more recently, I've posted about my family's new adventure with my mom's breast cancer. I think we all had finally gotten back to our normal lives after having spent 6 years with my dad's colon cancer when Mom found out she had breast cancer. What luck, eh?

My fitness IG account: @fitgosam

Of course, another main focus of this blog has been keeping track of and following up on my decision to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm down 15 pounds, a pant size, and a buncha inches, but most importantly, I'm feeling better about myself. I accredit my continued motivation to this blog. Keeping a weekly progress report has been beneficial and helps keep me accountable.

This year of blogging has been nothing but good for me. Here's to another 12 months.


  1. What a fantastic year! I am dying of the ping pong parties. So fantastic.

  2. Happy blogiversary! Also, your dog is just a daredevil, and he's PISSED that you keep forgetting to put the bungee cord around his ankle like they do on tv.